St Ives, Cornwall | The Vision Workshop with Nadia Meli

At the end of spring, my good friend Nadia Meli (who's an amazing wedding photographer & an awesome human) hosted The Vision Workshop - a beautiful 3 day event for photographers who are looking for more than just 'this is how I do it'. With only 5 participants at a time, it gets very intense, raw, intimate, very quickly. I was very grateful when Nadia invited me along to shoot some behind the scenes, and I got to travel to a corner of the UK that I've never been to but have always wanted to go - Cornwall. 

So I charged my batteries and packed my trusty 6D for a 6-hour train journey to St Ives. We stayed in a gorgeous mansion on a clifftop, right by Zennor Head. Green fields, rugged cliffs, bright yellow blooms and bunnies everywhere you look. You could see, hear, and feel the water crashing down on the rocks, right next to our safe hideaway home. There was no reception, no distractions - as if everything was perfectly placed to put your mind at ease and let you do the work. 

I'm here to share the beauty of the place and people I got so accustomed to in these few short days, but if you are a photographer and you want your work to speak your mind and fulfil you more, and if you want to look for the 'why?' - then make sure to check out Nadia's workshops. They're not just purely about photography, believe me :) Enjoy the pictures & my first attempt at vlogging! xx


Here are the links to all the amazing ladies I met and shared these memories with: Anna // Chrissy // Melanie // Nina // Yewande. And, of course - Nadia.

how i feel when im by the sea! thanks to Anna for the photo :)

how i feel when im by the sea! thanks to Anna for the photo :)